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Have you ever wanted to create your own 3D Virtual World?

YourSimSpot offers you a simple, easy hosting solution for all your Virtual World needs. With our standard region and full simulator configurations we make it quick and easy for you to get started.

With our service you don’t need to worry about setup, software updates, maintenance, or backups. Register and visit our Demo Region on our Stand Alone opensim simulator and you’ll see just how fast and sleek it is!

Once you have your own region or full simulator you will love the total privacy and complete control. You can keep it so that only your friends can log on or you can open it to the public. You can even connect to the "Hypergrid"!

YourSimSpot provides region and full simulator hosting services built around the OpenSimulator platforms, we provide full support and dedicated network admin. Its FREE to try, just register and log into our main region on our stand alone server. If you have a custom request, please feel free to Contact Us

Event Hosting Services, want to host a special event, and need the space to put people while not paying a months worth of fees? Our infrastructure is designed to support scaling on demand so we can provide support for large and small deployments where the required capacity is unknown. We can bill these regions on a per-hourly basis. For more info please Contact Us.

We also provide hosting to free public grids such as the popular Osgrid, below is a list of public grids that you can have your region hosted on by us. If they are any public grids that you are aware of that is not on our list and you would like to be hosted on please contact us.

Our customers on YourSimSpot.Com

"This is a great place to get hosting as the manager is quick to answer questions and assist with any problems. I recommend them!"

– MerrieS

"I setup a test region with them and uploaded an OAR file that had run VERY slowly on my own server. It runs lightning fast, and I haven't experienced any down time or negative issues of any kind. Their support is fast and friendly (I had a couple of questions and needed a different type of OAR uploaded). Highly recommended."

– benfaust

"I have had a wonderful experience working with the folks at YOURSIMSPOT. Tony is fantastic! They have been so helpful in the development of my museum project and I look forward to bringing my future projects to them as well. http://www.freelanced.com/williammichaelmchugh There is so much potential and talent. Please come by and visit when we are ready."

– Michael McHugh

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